2015 Cleveland Divorce Statistics – 22 Out Of 25 With The Highest Percentage Of Divorcees


It’s not a shock anymore. More people are divorced these days than those who stay married. Why? Well, blame it on a lack of commitment between the parties involved, or giving in to temptation (and I’m talking about both the husband and wife – you know, not just the hubby), and a cheap meaning of love and marriage for more than 50% of people in the United States.

I’m not saying that people are bad at marriage; it’s just that issues cannot be worked out anymore, or that such problems are too much to handle and it’s not easy to recover just like that. At times, it is best to let go and get a divorce. It is better to love yourself than to lose yourself because of love, right?

Anyway, it’s true. Cleveland, Ohio is among of the top 25 cities with the highest percentage of divorced residents in the United States. 2015 Cleveland Divorce Statistics (up to 2016 data) which was collected from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) revealed that Cleveland has the following numbers:

14.31 percent of the residents are DIVORCED
28.76 percent are still happily married
50.29 percent remain single, but not necessarily without a partner
The adult population in the city is about 314,907.

This means that about 45,063 people are divorced while 90,567 are still with their spouses. Are these good numbers? Studies revealed that, at this time, divorce rates are declining as compared to the seventies and eighties. So, yeah, the numbers prove to be “good” in a fair way. The sad fact is that in Cleveland, there are about 158,367 adult people who are single. Some of these are previously married, and half of those who experienced divorce don’t want to remarry.


What happens to the sanctity of marriage now when people decide to divorce in a snap? If the marriage is worth saving, then, try to keep it. Go to a therapist and work it out, otherwise, if he hits or verbally/emotionally/psychologically targets you – that’s a different story.

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